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Periscope In The Bathtub

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I suspect Carroll Baker’s experiences in the late fifties and sixties (as described in her book, Baby Doll – An Autobiography) were pretty typical for a lot of aspiring actors, having slaved away, in the Midwest and New York City, in roadshows, commercials and small gigs as a chorus girl, magicians assistant and Winston cigarette smoker. She eventually worked her way into the Actor’s Studio, making the acquaintance of Mike Nichols, Inger Stevens, Eva Marie Saint, Ben Gazzara, Shelley Winters, Paul Newman, James Dean and her future husband, Jack Garfein, among others. By the time she screen-tested for Giant, for George Stevens, and was chosen by Elia Kazan for Baby Doll, she was a pretty obvious candidate for film roles – not just for her influential friends, but because she had paid some dues and done genuinely good work on the NY stage.

But filmmaking…

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